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Bihar costume: Traditional Dress of Bihar with Pictures: A Colourful Journey Through Culture


Bihar costume: Bihar, a land steeped in history and culture, boasts a rich heritage of traditional attire that reflects the essence of the state. The traditional clothing of Bihar is not only a symbol of its cultural diversity but also a testament to its artistic excellence. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the traditional dress of Bihar for both men and women, accompanied by vivid pictures to provide a visual journey through the vibrant culture of the state.

Bihar Costume: An Overview

The traditional dress of Bihar, like in many other Indian states, is a reflection of its deep-rooted culture and traditions. These garments are not just clothing but a manifestation of the state’s artistic and cultural heritage. Learn more about Bihar’s traditional dress.

For Men

Dhoti and Kurta

The traditional attire for men in Bihar often consists of a dhoti and kurta. The dhoti is a simple yet elegant garment, typically white or off-white in color, and is draped around the waist and legs. It is paired with a kurta, a loose-fitting long shirt, usually in earthy tones. This combination offers comfort and is well-suited for the region’s climate.

For Women


The saree is the quintessential attire for women in Bihar. It is an unstitched piece of fabric, usually 5 to 9 metres in length, draped elegantly around the body. Bihari women often opt for vibrant and colourful sarees with intricate designs and embellishments. The pallu, the loose end of the saree, is often draped over the head as a symbol of modesty.

Cultural Significance

The traditional dress of Bihar carries immense cultural significance:

  • Connection to Tradition: These garments connect the present generation with the rich heritage and traditions of Bihar, serving as a link to their ancestors.
  • Regional Identity: The attire also reflects the regional diversity within Bihar, with variations in style, colours, and fabrics based on the specific community or region.
  • Occasions and Festivals: Traditional dress plays a pivotal role during festivals, weddings, and cultural events, adding a sense of occasion and festivity.

Where to Find Traditional Attire

If you’re interested in experiencing or purchasing traditional clothing from Bihar, you can explore local markets, boutiques, and government emporiums in the state. These places offer a wide range of options, from everyday wear to exquisite pieces for special occasions.

In Conclusion

The traditional dress of Bihar is a visual treat, celebrating the state’s diverse culture and artistic heritage. Whether it’s the simplicity of the dhoti and kurta for men or the elegance of the saree for women, these garments are more than just clothing; they are a living tradition that bridges the past and the present. As you explore Bihar, immerse yourself in the vibrant colours and rich textures of its traditional attire, and you’ll discover the true essence of this culturally rich state.

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