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Valimai Budget & Box Office Collection Day 19



valimai hit or flop “Valimai,” the highly anticipated Tamil-language action film starring Thala Ajith, has been a topic of discussion among cinephiles and fans alike. With its action-packed sequences and Thala Ajith’s charismatic presence, the film generated substantial buzz even before its release. In this article, we will explore the budget of “Valimai,” its box office collection on the 19th day, and provide an analysis of whether the film can be considered a hit or flop.

The World of “Valimai”

1. Plot Overview

“Valimai” is an action thriller that revolves around the life of a police officer, played by Thala Ajith. The film delves into themes of duty, justice, and personal vendettas. The gripping narrative and intense action sequences have garnered attention from fans and critics alike.

2. Star Power

Thala Ajith, often referred to as the “Ultimate Star” by his fans, has a massive fan following in the Tamil film industry. His presence in “Valimai” was a significant driving force behind the film’s pre-release hype.

Valimai Budget

1. Production Cost

The budget of “Valimai” is reported to be approximately ₹150 crore, making it one of the most expensive Tamil films to date. A significant portion of the budget was allocated to action sequences and high-end production values.

2. Marketing and Promotion

Apart from the production cost, the film invested heavily in marketing and promotion to create a strong pre-release buzz. Thala Ajith’s stardom ensured that the film received widespread attention even before hitting the screens.

Box Office Collection – Day 19

Now, let’s delve into the box office collection figures for “Valimai” on its 19th day of release to get a clearer picture of its financial success.

As of the latest available data, “Valimai” has grossed over ₹350 crore worldwide. The film’s steady performance at the box office indicates its popularity among audiences.

Valimai Hit or Flop: The Verdict

After a comprehensive analysis of its budget and box office performance, it is safe to declare “Valimai” as a HIT. The film’s impressive collections, coupled with its continued success at the box office, make it a resounding success.

Critical Acclaim

Apart from its box office success, “Valimai” received positive reviews from both critics and audiences. The film’s action sequences, Thala Ajith’s performance, and its gripping storyline were highly praised.


In conclusion, “Valimai” stands as a testament to the star power of Thala Ajith and the Tamil film industry’s ability to deliver high-quality action-packed entertainment. Despite its massive budget, the film has proven to be a hit, reaffirming the audience’s love for action-packed films.

As “Valimai” continues its successful run at the box office, it serves as a reminder that compelling storytelling and charismatic performances can transcend the constraints of budget and make a film a true winner.

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