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Pakka Commercial Review: Patchy But Not Catchy


pakka commercial review The world of cinema is no stranger to commercial entertainers, and “Pakka Commercial” is a recent addition to this genre. Starring Gopichand and Raashi Khanna in lead roles, the film aims to provide a dose of masala entertainment to its audience. In this article, we will review “Pakka Commercial,” analysing its strengths and weaknesses while assessing its ability to live up to its commercial aspirations.

Unpacking “Pakka Commercial”

1. Plot Overview

“Pakka Commercial” follows the typical formula of a Telugu commercial entertainer. It revolves around a righteous and strong-willed protagonist, played by Gopichand, who takes on the forces of evil. The film combines action, drama, romance, and comedy in an attempt to cater to a broad audience.

2. The Director’s Vision

Director Maruthi Dasari, known for his previous works in the comedy genre, helms “Pakka Commercial.” His vision for the film is evident in the way he blends humour, action, and drama to create an engaging narrative.

Pakka Commercial Review

Let’s dive into the review of “Pakka Commercial” to understand its hits and misses:

The Positives

1. Gopichand’s Performance

Gopichand, as the film’s protagonist, delivers a convincing performance. His action sequences and emotional scenes are a highlight of the film. He carries the weight of the character well and provides the necessary charisma for a commercial entertainer.

2. Entertainment Quotient

As the title suggests, “Pakka Commercial” offers a good dose of entertainment. The film has its share of comedy sequences, action-packed fights, and romantic moments. It successfully caters to the tastes of the commercial cinema audience.

3. Supporting Cast

The film benefits from a competent supporting cast. Raashi Khanna shines in her role and provides the necessary glamour quotient. Other supporting actors contribute to the film’s overall appeal.

The Negatives

1. Predictable Plot

One of the major drawbacks of “Pakka Commercial” is its predictable plot. The storyline follows a well-worn path, and seasoned moviegoers will find themselves anticipating plot twists and developments.

2. Clichéd Tropes

The film leans heavily on clichéd commercial cinema tropes, including the invincible hero, over-the-top action sequences, and formulaic dialogues. While these elements are expected in such films, they can feel repetitive.

3. Lack of Depth

“Pakka Commercial” lacks depth in character development and storytelling. The film prioritises style over substance, which may leave some viewers wanting more in terms of a meaningful narrative.


In conclusion, “Pakka Commercial” delivers on its promise of being a masala entertainer with Gopichand’s strong performance and moments of humor and action. However, it falls short in terms of its predictable plot, reliance on clichés, and lack of depth in storytelling.

While “Pakka Commercial” may not break new ground in the commercial cinema genre, it provides a decent option for those seeking a dose of mainstream entertainment. It’s a film that caters to its target audience but may not leave a lasting impact on those looking for more innovative storytelling.

In the end, “Pakka Commercial” is a film that is patchy in its execution but not quite catchy enough to stand out in the crowded landscape of commercial entertainers.

“Pakka Commercial” may not reinvent the wheel, but it offers a blend of action, humour, and romance that will appeal to fans of the commercial cinema genre. It’s a film that delivers entertainment in its purest form, even if it doesn’t venture into uncharted territory.

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