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Ajith Shines in the Crude Mix of ‘Mankatha’ & ‘Money Heist’


thunivu reviews The world of cinema often witnesses intriguing blends of genres and influences, and “Thunivu” is a film that has garnered attention for its unique combination of elements. Starring Ajith Kumar, one of Tamil cinema’s most revered actors, “Thunivu” draws inspiration from the likes of “Mankatha” and “Money Heist.” In this article, we will review “Thunivu,” exploring how Ajith Kumar’s performance and the film’s amalgamation of styles have left an impression on audiences and critics alike.

Decoding “Thunivu”

1. Plot Overview

“Thunivu” is a film that ventures into the world of heists, betrayal, and suspense. Drawing parallels with the heist thriller “Mankatha” and the popular Spanish series “Money Heist,” the film follows a group of individuals who plan and execute high-stakes robberies. Ajith Kumar plays a pivotal role in this ensemble cast, adding his unique flavor to the narrative.

2. The Director’s Vision

Director Vinoth, known for his directorial work in “Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru” and “Valimai,” brings his vision to “Thunivu.” His knack for storytelling and creating tension-filled sequences is evident in the film’s execution.

Thunivu Review

Let’s delve into the review of “Thunivu” to uncover its strengths and areas of improvement:

The Positives

1. Ajith Kumar’s Performance

Ajith Kumar, often referred to as “Thala” by his fans, delivers a remarkable performance in “Thunivu.” His portrayal of a character with shades of gray is a testament to his acting prowess. He effortlessly transitions between the suave and ruthless aspects of his role.

2. Intriguing Plot

The film’s plot, inspired by successful heist stories, keeps the audience engaged with its twists and turns. It successfully maintains an air of suspense, and viewers are kept guessing about the characters’ motivations and loyalties.

3. Ensemble Cast

“Thunivu” features a strong ensemble cast, each member contributing to the film’s overall impact. Their performances, coupled with the character dynamics, add depth to the narrative.

The Negatives

1. Familiar Tropes

While “Thunivu” successfully incorporates elements from “Mankatha” and “Money Heist,” it occasionally leans on familiar tropes associated with heist and thriller genres. This reliance on established conventions might leave some viewers wanting more innovation.

2. Pacing Issues

The film suffers from pacing issues in certain segments, with some scenes feeling prolonged. Tighter editing could have enhanced the overall viewing experience.

3. Depth of Characterization

While the film introduces intriguing characters, it doesn’t always delve deep into their backgrounds and motivations. Further exploration of character backstories could have added depth to the narrative.


In conclusion, “Thunivu” presents an interesting amalgamation of elements from “Mankatha” and “Money Heist,” with Ajith Kumar’s stellar performance as its standout feature. The film successfully keeps the audience engaged with its suspenseful plot and ensemble cast. However, it does rely on some familiar tropes and faces pacing issues in certain segments.

“Thunivu” serves as a testament to Ajith Kumar’s ability to adapt to diverse roles and genres. While it may not redefine the heist thriller genre, it offers an entertaining cinematic experience for fans of Ajith and suspenseful narratives.

As fans and critics alike continue to dissect the film’s influences and narrative choices, “Thunivu” remains a noteworthy addition to Ajith Kumar’s filmography and the heist thriller genre.

“Thunivu” may not be a revolutionary film, but it showcases the charisma and talent of Ajith Kumar, making it a must-watch for his fans and those who appreciate a blend of heist and suspense genres.

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